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I have a Jeron 2001 intercom system which I want to make smart by detecting a buzz, sending me an alert, and allowing me to approve and buzz the guest in.

The below article seems very helpful, but I’m running into the problem that I don’t have a clue what I’m doing. Medium article

First: how do I create the wiring that replaces the RY014B which doesn’t appear to be available for sale? Second: is there a pre-made option that works without me building it? Third: How do I actually wire the stuff? Do I have to solder? Fourth: Do I need to have an external power source?

I’ve debated a variety of options for pressing the button including a sonoff and a smartbot button, but both appear to have the same issue of detecting the DC current running through the wire when the guest presses the outside button (or detecting that a sound occurred).

The ultimate goal is to make it so my wife and I can have an outdoor camera take a picture of the person at the gate and decide to allow entry to the yard.

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